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Folklore about The Man will appear on this page.

Mike Donnelan, the artist who invented him, says: "Freeing the web with remote procedure calls!!! He's faster than a speeding bully... stronger than a hailstorm... able to leap OS obstacles with a single spec!"

The XML-RPC Man has a song. It goes like this: "Arf arf! Ahhh choo. I am The XML-RPC Man. And I have a call for you!" He's a super-hero, for sure, but he barks like a dog with a cold. A modern super-hero, warts and all.

He made his first (impressive!) official appearance in my State of XML-RPC document, April 16, 2001.

Feel free to use him on your site to link to this page on the XML-RPC site. If you came here that way, check out the spec, directory, howto, discussion group and mail list, all linked to from the navigation links to the left.

Want to do a Flash movie starring The XML-RPC Man? Send me a link. Does he have a girlfriend? What does the dove think? Who is his nemesis? Are there any aliens here? Questions questions.

Arf arf!

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Posted: 4/16/01; 9:56:42 AM Pacific.

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