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XML-RPC interface for MailToTheFuture

XML-RPC Interface 

There are five procedures you can call through MailToTheFuture's XML-RPC interface.

Server: www.mailtothefuture.com, port: 80, path /RPC2.

mailToTheFuture.addMessage (username, password, msgstruct) 

Adds a message to username's queue. username must be the email address of a registered user. password must be that user's password.

msgstruct is a XML-RPC <struct> containing the following elements: dateTime, messageBody, receiverMailAddress, subject.

A new message is created in the user's queue. It returns the size of the user's queue.

mailToTheFuture.deleteMessage (username, password, n) 

Deletes the nth message in the user's queue. Returns the empty string. If the user's queue doesn't have an nth element, it <fault>s. n is 1-based.

mailToTheFuture.getAllMessages (username, password) 

Returns the entire queue for the user in a single <struct>.

mailToTheFuture.getMessage (username, password, msgnum) 

Returns a single message as a <struct>.

mailToTheFuture.setMessage (username, password, msgnum, msgstruct) 

Takes a <struct> and assigns it to the indicated message. This call allows a remote script to edit a MTTF message.

mailToTheFuture.getMessageCount (username, password) 

Returns a number encoded as a string saying how many messages there are in the user's queue.

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