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XML-RPC Gateway for the Google API

Disclaimers and caveats 

First, an unusually long set of disclaimers and caveats.

1. UserLand is providing this gateway for experimental purposes only.

2. Use of the gateway is subject to the terms of use of the Google API.

3. UserLand may terminate this interface at any time without notice.

4. We may or may not upgrade this interface if Google changes theirs.

5. If Google asks us to turn this off, we will do it, quickly.

6. UserLand does not keep a copy of the keys that pass through this server. We don't use this information in any way, and will not do so in the future. Added 4/22/02 DW.

What is this? 

It's a way to call the Google API using XML-RPC.

Basic info 

Server: google.xmlrpc.com.

Port: 80.

Path: /RPC2

How to 

You must register with Google to get a key, just as if you were accessing their server through SOAP.

(The key is the last param to each of the calls.)

You must read and agree to their terms.

Three entry points 

string googleGateway.spellingSuggestion (phrase, key)

struct googleGateway.search (queryString, start, ctResults, restrict, languageRestrict, safeSearch, inputEncoding, outputEncoding, key)

string googleGateway.getCachedPage (url, key)

SCNS examples 

["xmlrpc://google.xmlrpc.com/RPC2"].googleGateway.spellingSuggestion ("Oh give me a hymn whre the bufalo rom, and the ski is not cloudy all day.", user.google.key)

scratchpad.googleresults = ["xmlrpc://google.xmlrpc.com/RPC2"].googleGateway.search ("Bull Mancuso", 0, 10, "", "", false, "latin1", "latin1", user.google.key)

webbrowser.displaytext (["xmlrpc://google.xmlrpc.com/RPC2"].googleGateway.getCachedPage ("http://www.userland.com/", user.google.key))

For more info on SCNS see this page on the Radio site.

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Posted: 4/14/02; 2:19:57 PM Pacific.

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